Kirstie has been a sister for me for many many years.

We have spent amazing times together and moments difficult to describe.

She was a tornado in mine and my family life. A nice warm love tornado.

She was really bigger than life and her way of really taking life as a game was so intense that you had to run at her pace or get the hell out of there. And we had no problem living at her pace, mostly because fun was assured, life with her was rich, intense, Hollywood 100%.

I have so many anecdote that would make you drop your jaw that can't really pick one.

But the K I loved and I remember was exuding life and joy and was living life BIG and FUN with no restrain.

So I am really really sad, and in grief for her loss.

She was way too young to die!!!

So I am sure K you will be back - greater that life again, we will meet again.

I love you K.


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Kirstie with both my sons, Tiziano left and Flavio to the right.